The Girl: Our Interview With Violet Days

With up and coming artists soaring to new heights of fame these days, it seems like nothing sounds original anymore. However, Violet Days proves that she is far more than original. She could be the next viral sensation to pop up on your twitter timeline, making the future look a little brighter. And if that wasn't enough, Violet also co-wrote the song "Paris" by The Chainsmokers. The pair wrote the song in Stockholm after a party with guitarist Fredrik Häggstam. By 4am that morning, 'Paris' was officially written. As far as her music goes, she's a great addition to your road trip playlist, bringing you nostalgic vibes with a dash of inspiration by Tove Lo. We recently got the chance to interview Violet Days, discussing what's to come on her new EP and in the future.

Ervin Zelaya: I connected to your latest single 'Just a Little’ as a heartbreak love song, wanting to fix an unfixable relationship. Was there personal inspiration in writing this song or were you second hand witnessing this? 

Violet Days: It definitely came from personal inspiration from all of us writers. The song really isn’t really about trying to fix the relationship; more that you want it to hurt just a little to really feel it and you want it to stay in that even though you know it´s destructive.

EZ: Your voice is one that is unique, perfect for those long summer days. Any plans on releasing summer singles? 

VD: Thank you! Yes, there will be one more leading up to the EP release.

EZ: Are we going to see any tour dates in the near future?

VD: Yes, we´re working on that right now so stay tuned.

EZ: Who/What has been your biggest motivator that pushes you to keep releasing these captivating songs?

VD: My gut feeling and Kris! We try to stay as real as we can.

EZ: What artists do you feel you gain inspiration from when creating music?

VD: It's always different but we've been drawing some inspiration from Tame Impala, The Neighborhood and also soundtracks, like Drive.

EZ: Do you feel that following pop music trends is important? Or is paving your own way with unique sounds more of your style? Why/Why not?

VD: I think you have to find a unique way of doing things. I guess it's good to keep track of the trends but I also think it's important not to follow them too much, because trends are always in and out. I try to stay true to what feels right to me and what speaks to me the most. We're constantly trying to stay fresh and do things we haven't heard other people do.

EZ: Finally, what does your favorite playlist look like? Also, how do you discover new artists to listen to? Ex. Artists, tracks & albums

VD: It's different depending on my mood; lately I’ve been listening to Wes Anderson movie soundtracks a lot (those always put me in a good mood). I try to create new playlists every month to keep track of what I've been listening to and how it differs. I discover a lot on Spotify, of course, but I also love discovering music through series and movies. I also love to go out to watch shows and discover the organic way.

Check out the video for her latest single 'Just A Little' 

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