2018 In Bloom Fest Day 1 (Recap)

That's a wrap on Day 1 of the 2018 In Bloom Music Festival. It was the perfect day with the perfect weather. The In Bloom Music Festival lands purposely at the beginning of Spring. Fans and crowd goers have been pleading for this for years. Having a festival in the summer just seemed to harsh, especially with the Houston heat. Not to mention for the past 3 years, the formerly known FPSF, had been rained out by storms. Today's sets of the day included performances by: Ugly God, DRAM, Wolf Alice, Grizzly Bear, Lil Uzi Vert & Beck. Each one was special in their own way, but Beck's set was the most special. Stopping the entire show to have a conversation with the audience, he really connected with his fans.

Lil Uzi Vert's set however, was a very hyped up show, given that he backed out of last year's FPSF. He had a lot resting on his shoulders and boy did he deliver. That must have been one of the most energetic shows I have ever seen. The whole crowd was in sync with each other like waves attacking an ocean. The only negative thing I would say about his set is that he left 20 minutes before his scheduled time. The crowd sat there for a good 5 minutes wondering if he was going to come back. Check back tomorrow for our final recap of the 2018 In Bloom Music Festival.

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