2018 In Bloom Fest Day 2 (Recap)

In Bloom Festival is officially in the books. Day 2 was my favorite day out of the two. The entire day was filled with good vibes from everybody. It's like the festival crowd became family. The moment when you relate to someone about an artist's music is one of the best feelings. Describing the music being played live and having that person finish your sentence is almost breathtaking. Music really can bring people together. You can go into a music festival alone and start connecting with people at the sets. Making your own group to meet up with at each sets and making a true festival experience out of it. That's what I believe music festivals are for, and In Bloom was no exception.

Not only was the timing right for this festival, it's almost as if the stars aligned making the weather perfect. Last year FPSF really took a hard hit with the weather, having to had cancel Day 2 of the festival. This year I truly think they redeemed themselves. Having Martin Garrix close out the main stage almost didn't feel real. Everyone was dancing together and enjoying that moment. Even if you didn't know what song were playing, you didn't care. You are there to let go of all your problems and live in that moment. That they did. Not a single person was not on their feet during his set. He was the perfect way to close out In Bloom. I really can't wait to see what's in store for In Bloom next year. I will definitely be in attendance.

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