ACL Fest 2017: Day 1 - Friday

Day 1 of ACL Fest was a complete trip. I first started my day with Crystal Castle's set. During their set that was scheduled in the dead of heat, they wore all black outfits disregarding the radiating sun. Edith Frances (Lead Vocalist) drenched herself in about 30 bottles of water, just for the aesthetic. Although, it could've been due to that blazing sun. In my opinion, I think it was a strangely compelling show. The band played hits such as 'Not in Love' and 'Char'.

The second set of the day was none other than Foster the People. While I wasn't front row, I could still gain the full experience of the show from further back. Overall, it was a great show filled with positive vibes all around.

 Another set I had my eyes on was Martin Garrix. He brought everything there was to expect from an EDM show and then some. Playing hits such as 'Scared to be Lonely' and 'Animals', he graced the crowd with amazing lights, fire and lasers. 

Finally the moment I had been waiting for the entire night, The xx. They have been a big part of my life for a long time. To get the opportunity to see them twice in one year is truly a blessing. Though their set was a bit different from a normal tour show, it was still amazing to hear and watch. They always put on a great show and make sure that their fans know how much they appreciate and love them.

 Be on the lookout tomorrow night for a Day 2 recap of ACL Fest!

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