ACL Fest 2018 brought the groove back to Austin

While I debated on writing this review, I felt it was best to speak truthfully about how wild this festival actually was. Overall, the Austin City Limits Music Festival provided a great atmosphere for everybody in attendance. With over 75,000 people at Zilker Park each day, it was anything but calm.

Day One of the festival was one of the best days overall. In the afternoon, we attended Khalid's set, which was very enjoyable to watch. It's been on my bucket-list to see ODESZA preform live since I first heard "In Return", so to see them close day one of the festival ACL was a really life changing experience. We did see a little bit of Paul McCartney's set at the American Express stage. The little bit that we did see was really uplifting and amazing.

Day 2 of the fest was one of the weakest for me, but I was pleasantly surprised in the end. We attended CHVRCHES and St. Vincent's set in the afternoon. Both of them being very energetic. The crowd was engaged the whole time, raging to CHVRCHES' "Under the Tide" and St. Vincent's "Los Ageless". At night after we decided to leave early from Metallica's headlining set, we stumbled upon Justice's set at the Honda stage. Their set was one of the best I have seen in all the shows i've attended. I was utterly shocked at how good it was, that we stayed for the remaining hour. Since that set, i've been playing their albums non-stop.

This year I wasn't so focused on getting to the front of crowds as I was last year. It was just about the experience and being able to enjoy the sets with friends. It's those conversations when you're sitting on the grass waiting for the next set to start that really make the festivals better than just concerts.

Now, as for Day 3, let's just say things got out of control. We first saw Illenium's set and a tad bit of Camila Cabello's set, which were amazing. When we started waiting for Travis Scott, I was warned that this set would be anything but sane. They were right. Not only were we pushed and shoved, my personal phone was stolen. As of October 8th, the phone is still lost. However this isn't about that so i'll move on. Travis' set started nearly 15 minutes late and lasted 50 minutes when it was supposed to last 1 hr and 15 min. The show itself was visually stunning. His Astroworld theme is really working for his set design. Now the crowd itself was just out of control. There were mosh pits everywhere. Every beat drop was another round of pushing and shoving from fans. I can honestly say it was one of the most energetic crowds I have ever seen.

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