Alessia Cara's 'Growing Pains' is an eye opening anthem

She's back, three years after her debut album 'Know-It-All' Alessia Cara has released a new single from her forthcoming album. 'Growing Pains' tell the story of her of harsh introduction to fame. In her Genius interview, Cara opens up about her new found fame as a blessing. While on tour for 'Know-It-All', she experienced bliss with an internal feeling of angst. On her upcoming record, Cara expresses that this album will be about her truth. The previous album was all about positivity. In this album however, she explains it's okay to feel sadness because we're human.

Cara tells the Zach Sang Show that by going to therapy, it helps keep herself centered at shows or while writing music. Prior to recording this album, all lyrics written beforehand. This is a self-project for Alessia, sharing that she felt the lyrics were too personal to share with people. Her last album gave us an essence that we can conquer the world, this album is about reflection. Allowing individuals to feel the roller coaster of emotions through your 20's. Instead of embracing the fame, in order to write this album Cara had to backtrack her life. By taking that step back she writes the album from a true place. 

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