An evening with Sam Smith - A surprisingly uplifting experience

The old soul retuned to Houston this past Wednesday. Preforming his #ThrillOfItAllWorldTour at the Toyota Center, Sam Smith proved once again that he can take us to church. The show began with an opening set by Cam. In case you didn't know, Cam actually co-wrote 'Palace' with Sam back during the writing sessions of 'The Thrill Of It All'. During her set, Cam spoke about being a women and the judgment that comes with it. Speaking about sex publicly was one her her main topics of discussion. It's only fitting that she performed hits such has 'Dianne'. Her incredible set lasted about 20-30 minutes. Then was the real wait.

I sat in-between two couples at the show. It was only just my luck that I attended a Sam Smith show of all, alone. The couple to the left of me were a very nice elderly couple, who were fans of Smith since his 'Nirvana' days. They didn't fail to mention their opinion on the arena size however. It seemed that the arena was just to big for Smith given that it was only filled to about 75% capacity. Once the show started it was hugs galore with the couples. Sam spoke about wanting to make the show fun and not depressing, but frankly I wanted to feel the emotions of sadness. He more than made up for it by singing hits like 'Omen' and an acoustic version of 'Latch'.

The last quarter of the show were a no hold bar emotional party. Taking the audience thorough a rollercoaster feels singing 'Him', Too Good At Goodbyes', 'Palace' & 'Stay With Me'. It was a really compelling moment to hear the entire audience singing along with Smith as he sang 'Stay With Me'. Overall the show was a theatrical masterpiece. I do feel however that in a smaller venue the show would've created a more intimate atmosphere.

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