Charli XCX shows Houston how to 'Shake That' on tour

Photos by Henry Redcliffe

In her stop at Houston's own White Oak Music Hall, the Angles (Nickname for Charli XCX's fans) proved once again they are legion. It was quite literally one of the most fabulous shows I have ever attended. I started the night with Charli performing "Next Level Charli" and "Click". It was just by chance that a glamorous drag queen was next to me properly living for the show.

During the second act of the show, fans went completely berserk for "Vroom Vroom". Which is justifiable given the bass-driven tone of the song. I would explain the vibe of the venue as experiencing an earthquake. The ground was shifting left and right in accordance with every bass drop. Rainbow fans thworping up and down, wigs swerving from left to right and people just completely letting go of their problems for the night. The actual star of the show, however, was Charli's ponytail. Swinging up-down and around the whole night, it was no wonder the crowd was as elevated as they were.

Photos by Henry Redcliffe

This being the first stop in Texas on her tour, it didn't stop her from bringing out all the newest songs on her record "Charli". The entire show was unapologetically centered around the album. However, she did please the crowd with hits such as "I Love It" and "Boys". The most iconic moment had to have been when Charli brought out not one, or two but three drag queens to join her on stage during "Shake It". My breath was truly taken away during that whole scene of a performance. It was like watching astronauts defy gravity in space. According to Charli, she is already working on her next project. I can't wait to see what her next tour brings.

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