Disclosure surprises fans with two new singles

The duo is back, and with no remorse. Disclosure has released not one but two new singles, hopefully from a new album we should be hearing about soon. The new songs 'Moonlight' and 'Where Angels Fear To Tread' follows their previous single released back in May titled 'Ultimatum'. With the announcement of these new single the same day of their release, should we be expecting a surprise album drop? It comes as no surprise really, that the duo is releasing new music again. Their last album 'Caracal' released in 2015, left us hungry for more Disclosure.

'Moonlight' the first single the duo released this week, opens with a sick hypnotic vibe. Almost as if you've entered into a modernized Austin Powers movie. Not sure you'll get that reference, thats just how I visualize it. While it is an instrumental track, it will surely take you on a trip. With it's signature hypnotic synths these brothers sure do know how to rock bass drops.

'Where Angels Fear To Tread' being the second single released by Disclosure this week, the track is accompanied by a cappella jazz groups. The song samples a version of 'Fools Rush In'. Now that we know to expect the unexpected, who knows what we will see from the Lawrence brothers this year.

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