Emily Hackett speaks on her new music video for 'Good Intentions'

Emily Hackett's newest single 'Good Intentions' speaks on the well-known tale of adolescent mistakes. Following her previous single 'Nostalgia', Hackett premiered 'Good Intentions' back in June 2018 at CMA Fest in Nashville, TN. Emily made her debut on YouTube by covering Lorde's now iconic 'Royals'. Stacking over 4 million views, it'd only be a matter of time before she released her own music. Her new single speaks on the mistakes we all make as youngsters. This song coming from a very real and relatable place, preaches the well-known message "Nobody's perfect". Eager to release new music, we recently got the chance to interview the rising star and her upcoming music.

Ervin Zelaya: How did you come about singing country music?

Emily Hackett: I didn't grow up on country music, so for a while I wasn't really sure how I ended up in the genre, but I eventually realized that country fans care about the story. They care about the song. I feel the same way as a writer, so it clicked.

EZ: I found your new single 'Good Intentions' to have a sense of youthfulness to it. Even if we have good intentions, adolescents always find themselves in mischief. Was this song based on personal experience or pure fiction?

EH: It was definitely based on personal experience, just not entirely my own. I've been lucky to have a lot of entertaining friends in my life that were able to add to the eye-roll moments I wove into the lyrics. We're all human and it's okay to laugh at yourself and get it together the next day.

EZ: In the music video that just premiered, you took us to church with the choir. What was your inspiration on having a choir in the music video?

EH: The song has such a gospel groove to it so we knew we wanted that kind of feel in the background vocals before going into the studio. So when my video director, Preston Leatherman heard the song for the first time, the idea of a choir came to him almost immediately. There's something about a choir that makes the whole 'nobody's-perfect' thing feel more collective too. They brought so much energy to the whole thing. I loved it. 

EZ: This being the second single following 'Nostalgia', should we be expecting an album announcement soon?

EH: Definitely! We finished a whole mess of songs at the end of 2017 and I intend to get them all out as soon as possible. You can look forward to more music in the fall!

EZ: Your urbanized country sound is very unique and sets you apart from the typical country music we hear, who are your musical inspirations?

EH: Rock and roll is in my blood, thanks to my Dad's obsession with the music of his generation, and being from Cleveland originally. So I learned poetry from Joni Mitchell and simplicity from James Taylor and creativity from The Beatles. I learned how to tell it like it is when I discovered Michelle Branch and then a band like Dixie Chicks, which was the first country I was ever introduced to. You hear a little bit of all that in my record. But the production influences mostly came from my love for 90's rock. 

EZ: Are there any tour plans in the works?

EH: I'm working on fall tour dates to match the release of new music. I look forward to playing my hometown of Atlanta and visiting cities I've never played this year. 

EZ: Finally, what does your go-to playlist look like?

EH: It's usually all over the place! I tend to make playlists for my many moods. There's one I'm working on right now though called "friends with & fans of" that's comprised of several buddies and peers in the music industry and then ones that I think I'd get along with if I ever got the chance to meet them. 

Check out Emily Hackett's new video for "Good Intentions"

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