Grimes: the Art Angel

Angel baby, there is nothing i'd rather do. These are the first lyrics on the title track of Grimes most current album 'Art Angels'. Not many people know who this independent icon is, but she is truly an example to all of us. We all know her as Grimes but the singer's real name is Claire Boucher. She not only wrote all the lyrics to her album, she produced and engineered all the songs while also directing her music videos. Grimes is really running her own world.

 Grimes is an idea, a character, an icon. "I dont technically have control of her narrative anymore, she very much exists in pop culture." said Claire when speaking to The FADER in a recent interview. She very much is an independent music artist. Comparing people who offer to produce music for Grimes to someone completing her interview for her. She wants everyone to "Fuck off, just let me do my fucking job". This only helps the popular argument of "If you want something done right, do it yourself" by Charles-Guillaume Étienne. Art Angles is the transition to contemporary Grimes. Who knows what we might see on her next record? Maybe the Alternative Grimes; we'll just have to wait and see.

 Grimes as she describes, is very open to genre fluidity. She wants to take on the character in a whole new light. Having an female artist be so free and independent in this industry is amazing and progressive. Especially during these times, women are really getting the ball rolling on gender equality. Because she views Grimes as a character and also talks about her in third person, could we see a new voice of the character in the future? That would take on a whole new meaning to musical characters. 

Check out Art Angels by Grimes.

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