Has Coachella become too mainstream?

Festival season is upon us. Every January, Goldenvoice (Owners of the Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival) announce their star studded lineup for the music festival of the year. Beyonce being one of the main headliners for this year's Coachella. This raises the question, how mainstream has the Coachella Music Festival become? With ticket sales through the roof, selling out in less than a day. Coachella has undeniably become the best grossing music festival of all time. The question is why. Why are people so quick to purchase tickets to this festival? Is it for the clout? The instagram photos? Or are people genuinely interested in the music and art the festival showcases? Just recently, Coachella raised it's general admission ticket prices from $399 to $429. Some would assume, capitalism. 

The lineup has become a statement of the festival's popularity. Originally, Coachella was supposed to be a place where indie artists can showcase their music to other people, while some mainstream artists headlined. It's every artist's goal to play Coachella. According to Fashionista magazine, many designer brands opted out of showcasing their clothes at the prestigious music festival. Now, many smaller consumer based brands such as H&M have opted into the festival attire business. 

It seems that music festivals in general have become a place for photos and not a place to appreciate the music. Variety Magazine said it best,

"When did concerts devolve into a place to see and be seen?"

Next time you go to a concert or festival, pause on the instagram picture or snapchat. Take a minute to take in the moment. Enjoy the shows and art being put on display.

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