How many more lives will it take?

I sit here, on my phone thinking about the countless lives lost in the traumatic Las Vegas shooting. How many more lives will it cost for people to start realizing we need more gun control laws. There has been at least 1000 mass shootings since Sandyhook. How many more will it take? How many more innocent lives have to be lost? it seems like every year there is a new “in American history” event the traumatizes our country. to the 50+ people that lost their lives, you will not be forgotten. Your death will have meaning.  to the 400+ people who are injured, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I just thought I come on here and express how these events make me as a human person feel. We say it’ll never happen again, but we never know for sure. hopefully, this time change will be set in stone. It’s time we stand united as a nation and come together to support one another.

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