Kopps hypnotize the world in 'Hott (feat. Joywave)'

Kopps are here to take over the world in their new video for 'Hott'. The song begins with what seems like a normal music video shoot, shortly there after things take a turn. The band seems to hypnotize the entire crew with a macarena style dance. The summer single shares the heat in the lyrics. The song itself being a very sensual summer bop, the video almost overshadows the lyrics. That being said, both concepts of the song are visually and sonically amazing.

The very gimmicky video seems like it seeks to set a trendy dance move amongst viewers. I say "gimmicky" in a very good way, it seems pretty obvious that the video doesn't take itself very seriously. It isn't set out to really make you believe that its out to submissively brainwash you. Aside from being a very steamy summer track, Hott proves that anybody (including bands) can take over the world with just a single dance.

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