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Have you heard of Foil of the Stars? If you haven't listen up. Theyre an up-and-coming alternative rock based out of Toronto, Canada. Their sounds are really trippy, and it's almost as if they incorporate electronic synths with their beats. They're not new to the music game either, they have been collaborating in different music projects for over 12 years. They've just now came together to create amazing sounds with great vibes. The songs are almost like you are analyzing an art piece, you are mesmerized by the colors but you're trying to figure out the full picture. Their latest release 'Dark Army' is how I was introduced to them. It takes you through a journey in your brain and it really gets you thinking about your life, almost like an M83 track. According to their website 'The band spent the year leading up to its official launch living in a studio and rehearsal space together, writing and self-producing their debut EP which is expected to be released in late 2017.' Be on the lookout for that! I recently got the chance to interview the band about their music and what's in store for us in the future!

What inspired you to write the song Dark Army?

This song began in the studio with the instruments first, with careful attention to the tones and the feelings evoked by that alone. The lyrics were inspired by that, and helped them go to an introspective place where we realize that everyone has a part of themselves that feels a little lost.  When we pass somebody on the street we really have no idea what their story is, what they are battling daily, or what they need to feel whole.  If we are all outliers in this life, then maybe that is the thing we all have in common that can bring some solace into our days. 

What is a typical day for you?

If the Canadian weather allows, getting outside to a perfect park bench with a coffee or immersing in the streets of downtown Toronto can get you inspired.  We are music lovers first so we are usually listening to something.  So far we have been in a creation and rehearsal stage mostly during short life of this band, so either individually or together we are always working out new ideas, making art, or trying to learn as much as we can about the business of being DIY musicians. 

People reading this are mostly interested in music and what it has to offer, what piece of advice can you offer to someone reading this who wants to join the music industry?

As soon as you decide to be in it, you're in it.  It is up to you the direction.  Make sure you love what you are doing, because nobody will care about your music as much as you do.  While someone else might enjoy your music, you ARE your music. 

What are some mistakes you’ve made following this path?

Everyone in the band has been in other bands previously and from those experiences we all have lessons learned by mistake.  A common one is forgetting to make real and friendly connections with the people that listen to your music.  We are all people and it is easier to connect and talk than ever before.  

What do you hope to see in the future for Foil of the Stars?

We want to release lots of music and have a chance to see the world by way of sharing our songs.  Hopefully we can do this for a long time too!

Any plans on touring soon?

As we gear up to release our first EP we have begun working on the live show with plans to take it on the road eventually.  We place huge value on performing live and making sure what translates from rehearsal and recordings to the show will be a unique experience for everyone who stands in that room with us. 

What are some musical inspirations to you? 

We love the bands we grew up with. All of us are fans in so many genres so that helps us write without feeling like we are trying to accomplish a certain sound.  Bands like Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, And Massive Attack are important ones... although we could spend hours talking about all the music that is awesome!

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