psychedelic sensations: Our interview with DEGA

The synth-pop duo that is DEGA will take you on a psychedelic trip. While listening to their debut album 'Dega', I found myself drifting into the abyss that is my mind. During the listening session, I was visualizing my own music videos that vibe with each song. It's very hard for an album to do that, in my opinion. I first discovered this husband and wife duo opening for Washed Out at the Mister Mellow Tour in Houston, TX. Their song 'Don't Call It' captivated my mind. They dont need any visual effects or magical lights to make you feel the music. Since that opening set, i've only become a bigger fan of their music. The hypnotic beats that their music brings is almost like listening to a combination of M83 and The Black Keys. While separately they've had established music careers, those circumstances kept them apart. Creating 'Dega' was the answer to that problem. This way they really do get the best of both worlds. Recently I got the chance to interview the duo and asked about what's in store for us in the future. 

What inspired you to get into the industry?

​Sometimes I feel the path to a career in art isn’t something you choose, it chooses you. We both had zeal and passion for expression through music at young ages and that is what inspired us to begin writing and playing. We both were writing songs and playing shows as teenagers. We were just doing what we loved.

What are some mistakes you’ve made following this path?  

We try not to look at life that way. We did the best with what we knew in each stage of the journey. Sure, there are things we may have done differently looking back, but music as commerce is a tricky thing anyway, if you are trying to remain authentic yourself, in your own expression. The minute you are creating for a deadline or for money, the moment of creation feels different... at least for us. We could argue that moments we listened to outside influences and let those people influence our art were mistakes.  Plus, more often than not, success (as the average person defines it) has less to do with music and more to do with everything else. 

What are some musical inspirations for your new album?

We listen to so many different styles of music. With Dega, there wasn’t a particular artist or album that spun the inspiration. We just wanted to make a record that was fun.  And this project was the answer to us always being apart, as we'd been touring with separate projects for years prior, hardly seeing one another. We had a great time making this album and tried not to overthink it. 

Any tour plans? 

Yes, we hope to tour as much as possible! We are doing a string of dates in the SE later this month and heading back to the west coast in the fall.

People reading this are mostly interested in music and what it has to offer. What piece of advice can you offer to someone reading this, who wants to be a part of the music industry?  

Just recognize that it is an industry, and your music becomes the product. We would always encourage people to remain true to their art and to create to express, not to please.

What does your playlist look like?

Our personal playlists cover a pretty broad spectrum... from The Lonius Monk to James Taylor to Evelyn Champagne and Lee Fields to Whitney Houston, Rihanna & Kendrick Lamar. 

Check out DEGA's latest single 'Ocean Love' and check out their self-titled album 'Dega'. 

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