We chat with SHAED about "Melt" & the future

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

D.C. native trio known as SHAED, has just released their new EP titled "Melt". The six-song EP gives us a well welcomed refresh of the band's new sound. With the dynamic lead vocals presented by Chelsea Lee, SHAED really sets itself apart from typical pop we hear nowadays. Just this past week the trio was placed on the cover of Spotify's famous "Indie Pop" playlist that has a whopping 800,000 followers.

We recently got to chat with the trio about the new EP and what's in store for the future:

Ervin Zelaya: How has living together in DC inspired this new sound presented in “Melt”?

SHAED: We live in a quiet neighborhood right outside DC in Silver Spring, MD. We set up a home studio in our house and wrote and produced everything here. That intimate setting is something we'd never really had before and that inspired the more stripped down songwriting and production on "Melt." 

EZ: “Melt” as a whole gives a bleak but fresh sound, perfect for fall. What was the process on making this new sound for the EP?

SHAED: Most of these songs were written last fall when the weather was absolutely beautiful. That inspired a way more stripped down writing process than the beat driven approach on "Just Wanna See" EP. We'd sit outside with an acoustic guitar or a mini keyboard and write all the time. 

EZ: The title track of the EP, being my favorite, creates the perfect melancholic atmosphere. We’re the lyrics drawn from a personal experience?

SHAED(Chelsea Lee): "Melt" is about the personal experience I had as a solo artist years ago. I was working with a major label and I was struggling to find myself as an artist. I really felt trapped creatively and emotionally - and this song is about me freeing myself.

EZ: In “Trampoline” it’s pretty clear that this isn’t representative of an adult crush. What inspired you guys to write this track?

SHAED: We were watching old home videos of us as kids and there's one specific one of Max and Spencer jumping on a trampoline at age 2 or 3 where the film goes in and out of black and white and color giving it a dreamlike quality. That inspired a kind of Alice in Wonderland vibe where a child is imagining what it would feel like to embrace death while dreaming.   

EZ: How was it like working with snny on “You Got Me Like”?

SHAED: It was so great working with snny - he is an amazing artist and human. This was our first time featuring an artist on a track, so this experience was very new. snny came to our pop up Airbnb studio in Brooklyn and wrote and laid down his verse in less than an hour.

EZ: Who are your dream collaborations?

SHAED: SZA, Xavier Omar, Radiohead

EZ: What’s one of your favorite memories from touring with X Ambassadors this past May?

SHAED: On one of our off days we stayed in the middle of nowhere near Joshua Tree and went on a 7 hour hike to the Colorado River. We sat in hot springs and jumped off a cliff into the river. Then we got back to our airbnb and we all came together to cook a big family style lasagna dinner :) All in all it was one of our favorite memories ever.

EZ: Will we be hearing about a SHAED tour in the near future?

SHAED: Hopefully we'll have some dates to share soon ;)

EZ: While we love sporadic singles and EP’s is it too early to ask about an album?

SHAED: :) Not sure when a full album will be in the cards, but we can promise you that we are already are working on tons of new music that we can't wait to share. 

EZ: Is there anything you can tell us about the album release party’s that’s coming up? SHAED: We definitely have a couple surprises in store :) Guess you'll have to come out to see.

Check out SHAED's newest EP "Melt" available now on all streaming services.

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