Sky Ferreira returns with new single 'Downhill Lullaby'

Sky Ferreira | Photo shot by Sandy Kim and Sky Ferreira

Fans are finally getting a taste of the long awaited album Masochism from Sky Ferreira with her new single 'Downhill Lullaby'. This new era is a follow-up to Ferreira's 'Night Time, My Time' released in 2013. The track "Downhill Lullaby" was produced by Ferreira and "Twin Peaks" music supervisor Dean Hurley while also features strings by Nils Gröndahl. Since the beginning of this year Sky has continued to tease new music to her fans.

The new album Masochism was announced in 2015 and was expected to be released in 2016, but has since been delayed.

Listen to 'Downhill Lullaby' by Sky Ferreira

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