Easy Life chat about their new 'Spaceships Mixtape' and SXSW

Updated: Mar 19

The frontman gets candid about his inspirations and the city of Austin

One of this year's standout acts at SXSW was Easy Life. The mixtape complements the same sound as their past singles 'Nightmares' and 'Temporary Love'. Their name Easy Life is a clear representation what their sound represents sonically and lyrically. Following their performance at Empire Control Room & Garage, we spoke with lead singer Murray about their new 'Spaceships Mixtape', Travis Scott and SXSW.

Ervin: What brings you to the US? And why SXSW?

Murray: To be fair our booking agent books us these shows out here, but obviously to be fair he asked us before hand.

Have you heard of SXSW before?

Yeah, Raj our tour manager was here 2 years ago. It's one of the dopest festivals in the world. Literally I've just stepped off the plane, and this city is f***ing nuts. I've never ever been to the US before. This is the first f***ing time and I love it!

Have you tried some Texas BBQ yet?

Mate. Honestly we eat wings all the time in England, but they're just cheap knock-offs of what you guys have. Bro I cannot wait.

I heard the Spaceships Mixtape and man is it good. My favorite track on the mixtape is actually Wet Weekend, can you talk to me about what inspired it?

Oh s**t! You'd be one of the only people in the world who's heard that. We keep that pretty close. You know that's one of my favorites too. It's kind of about a relationship I was having and it was getting a bit f***ed up. I don't know it gets a bit distant or whatever. Also, I can just be a proper downer sometimes.

Spaceships Mixtape - EP is available now

Your band name easy life is very fitting for your music and the chill vibe that it brings. When you were making the name of your band did you have music already made to inspire the name?

Yeah, I'm glad you picked up on that. We wanted a name to reflect the sonics of our music. We had this word Easy in mind, and I write a bunch of lyrics just about life. So it was just like Easy..... Life. It feels a bit like a stoner thing!

How do you get from an idea to making it into a reality with your music?

One of my best friends our producer. Me and him just sit in his basement and just talk about stuff. To be fair we're just really tight so I just tell him what's going on in his life and he tells me what's going on in his life. Usually there's something there. Getting to know him with the 2 mixtapes we have out has been amazing. We just sit there and maybe come up with a synth song that kind of reflects the lyrical content. With "Wet Weekend" it's kind of like "glidy" sound-waves. Sonically, we like to explore different realms, because I feel like it all comes within your head. You just take it to where you want. Wet Weekend again is just a bit melancholy lyrically so he picked up on that sonically as well.

I became aware that the hip-hop here in the US inspires you greatly, where does that inspiration blossom from?

To be honest, I just listen to whatever is interesting and cool. All of that shit really interests me. I listen to a lot of UK hip-hop as well. The South London Jazz scene is really cool as well. All of that stuff, I try and keep my ear to the ground if it sounds lyrically and sonically.

Do you listen to Travis Scot? You know he's from Houston, TX.

Really? Oh f****, I didn't realize.

Yeah, ASTROWORLD is based off a theme park in the city.

Yeah I knew about that! I didn't realize it was from Houston though. That's mad.

So this is your first show in the US period?

This is my first time in the US period. I've never been on such a long-lengthy ass flight in my life. It was 10 1/2 hours mate. I had no idea what to do with my time. I was on my laptop for the first few hours trying to make a beat then I got bored of that. At home I can just make myself a cup of tea, but on the plane what am I going to do? You can order a sh***y cup of coffee if you want. But here we are in the US man! I can't believe it.

You've toured a-lot in the UK though right?

Yeah we tour the UK. We've done a few shows in Europe as well. After this tour in the US, we're going to the UK and also Europe. We're also coming back for Coachella.

Now that you've played different continents, what's the difference from the US to the UK crowd wise?

That was my first ever gig, so I can't make a huge generalization off of that. We're touring a bit more here, but that was sick man. People came up to me and told me that the show was dope. Our first show in the UK was nothing like that. For it to be our first show and this happen is insane, I love it man.

Have you mentally prepared yourself for Coachella yet? It's like on the level of Glastonbury.

We've actually headed to Glastonbury this year too. So hitting those two is pretty nice, but at the same time I don't feel any preparation is in order. I just think we'll go out there and have fun and knock on wood. I can't wait, but I try not to obsess about it too much. I mean coming out here was amazing.

Check out the 'Spaceships Mixtape' by Easy Life here


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