The forgotten Frank Ocean album - Reviewed

Do you remember that famous livestream? That same livestream that kept Frank Ocean fans at the edge of their seats. Frank had fans calling out of work and skipping school for 18 days. Yes, thats right. It may not have seemed that long now, but Frank knew what he was doing. After Blonde stole the spotlight from the now titled 'Endless' visual album, people seemed to forget about it. Now, nearly two years later I propose we bring this album back into the spotlight.

Frank Ocean's 'Endless' is it's own work of art. While being sonically stimulating with its reverb"y" pop sound, Endless provides a need for creativity we didn't see on 'Blonde'. Most of the tracks transition into each other, this being another admirable creative decision by Christopher (Frank Ocean).

If you remember, this was the tumblr post that left fans dumbfounded. The countdown had officially begun after this moment. It wouldn't be until August 18, 2016 that the 'Endless' would officially dropped. The visual album conveys a melancholy bliss as we watch Ocean build a spiral staircase in the 45 minute film. Sonically, the album has a very specific aesthetic. While it shouldn't be considered a poetic masterpiece, the sounds provide a far more space dreamy vibe.


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