The virality of 'Euphoria' and its harmonious playlist

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

A perfectly cohesive mess.

Euphoria | HBO

It's now been more than a year since season 1 of HBO's 'Euphoria' has graced our screens weekly. The distance has been a looming cloud of sadness, to say the least. The cherry on top of everything is as of now, the studio has not started production on season 2 of the hit drama series. While we all bask in its melancholic glory, we should also take the time to appreciate how cohesive the score and music selection is to the program.

The official music score for 'Euphoria' season 1 was composed by Singer-Songwriter/Producer Labrinth. You may recognize him from his previous work such as his project 'LSD' with Sia and Diplo. If you listen to Euphoria's score from beginning to end refusing to break, you will truly relive the series as if you've binged the entire thing in one sitting. Just as the series takes you from a desolated ballad to Megan thee Stallion's "Cocky Af", Labrinth takes you from "Forever" to "Nate Growing Up". Mixing so many different genres into one complete project, the sound is a cohesive mess as he brings a mix of harmonious beauty.

Music scores are nothing less if not one of the most important emoters in a series. It provides you with a glimpse into their thought process and state of mind that we are so often deprived of on and off the screen. Labrinth's 'Euphoria' does not fall short on these colorful thoughts, to say the least. It simply projects its elegance of sex and teenage hormones into a delectable mix of gospel and electronica. At times the score even dips out a taste of its orchestral selection, giving us all the more reason to see its color through a pair of headphones.

As for the show itself, it's one of the best things to hit any screen in a long time, especially HBO. It's the perfect show to binge during this crazy blip of a year. Featuring full-on queer love, hormonal teenage lust (without the feeling of invasive awkwardness of course), and headstrong mental issues, Sam Levinson's 'Euphoria' is quite a beautiful work of art. While there may be some flaws to the show, let us not have that overshadow the master quality of these resilient actors. Hunter Schafer's "Jules" is first shown as a normal new girl in town. It's not until further along the series that we find out Jules is actually trans! Providing the perfect mix of representation without the outright amplification. This show even eliminates the queerbaiting tactics that other shows just so happen to normally use. It provides an exaggerated look at a very real teenage lifestyle story that doesn't seem to fall very far from our social media themed tree. 'Euphoria' tackles some very hard topics including substance abuse, sexual identity, abuse, and the list could go on and on really. The point is the majority of viewers watching 'Euphoria' are around the same age as their counterpart characters, it's no wonder the show is as popular as it ultimately became.


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