This is: Lana Del Rey

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant aka "Lana Del Rey" is the main reason for everything. Let me explain. About 5 years ago my love for alternative music began. My cousin showed me this cool wavy track titled Video Games. I was amazed by her voice, so immediately when I got home, I spent nearly 3 hours on YouTube listening to all of her music. It wouldn't be another 2 years before Lana released her hit album Ultraviolence. That was one of the most anticipated albums for me in 2014. The Ultraviolence album was all about the heartbreak in relationships. To be frank, Lana is the reason I fell in love with alternate music. When I saw her on tour at the "Endless Summer Tour" I knew she would own my ears till the day I die. She is one of those artists that does not give a fuck. She smokes and curses on stage, and when she misses a lyric she laughs and starts over. She gives it her all on stage, and she genuinely cares about her fans. Her latest album Honeymoon, was not one her her bigger albums but granted it was still amazing, featuring hits such as High By the Beach and Music To Watch Boys To. In all seriousness though, Playlists of the Year and my love for music in general wouldn't be a thing if it weren't for Lana Del Rey. Love you Elizabeth.

xx Ervin

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