This is: M83

In case you haven't heard the the group M83, here is a refresher. Their song Midnight City went viral around the world for a good year. Even if you don't know who they are you are almost guaranteed to know this song.:

 One of their lesser known songs "Steve McQueen" happens to be one of my personal favorites. The lyrics speak to every youthful individual alive today. What is the song about you might ask? Well the song is all about "Shooting your shot". While it is obvious that the track takes over the vocals, I think it makes the song that much greater. You appreciate the music more and how it makes you feel rather than listening to the lyrics. It's beat and tempo makes you want to just get in your car and drive. LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Back to the lyrics, they start off by saying "I woke up stronger than ever. Driven by big waves of fire. To run and yell all the way. Nothing can hurt me today." If this doesn't scream confidence, I dont know what does. Music as a whole are stories. In this particular story, you dont really know what he's chasing, but you know he is persistent and determined. He could be chasing after his loved one, or he could be talking about school and how he is going to rule this year. That's the beauty of music. You dont really have to know the whole story, just the message. Know that you are capable of doing anything you want in life. You just have to work for it. 

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