Throwback: Aly & Aj are back with their new single 'Take Me'

It's been 10 years since we've gotten new Aly & Aj music. It seems that that one direction should take a tip from these sisters and take a long break from the spotlight. Aly & Aj have taken the internet by storm when they accidentally released their song 'Take Me' back in June of 2017 on spotify. For those of us who were lucky to listen to it for those few hours, most definitely had it on repeat. It seems that the reason they took the track off the internet was because it was in its premature stages of production. But have no fear, 'Take Me' was officially released last friday (August 18th). The internet went crazy, they made the hashtag #AlyandAjAreBack trend that friday evening. In case you live under a rock and dont know who Aly & Aj are, they were the queens of the Disney Channel network during the 2000's.

Their most popular song to date is 'Potential Breakup Song', but I remember being introduced to their music through the Disney Channel Movie "Now You See It" with the song 'Do you belive in magic?'. It was a very trippy song and music video that would play non-stop on the Disney Channel, you couldn't help but memorize it. Now with their new song, they're taking their beats to a new retro perspective. It's still a pop track, but it has a drive in movie feel to it. You play this song on the way to a date with your special someone or even just with your friends on your way to take on the town. It basically it takes the term "Shoot your shot" and makes into a pop anthem. If you haven't listened to this amazing song yet, you're really missing out.


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