Troye Sivan's 'Bloom' is the 2018 Pop Album of the Year

It's been 1000 days since the release of Troye Sivan's first full feature album 'Blue Neighborhood' and a whopping 232 days since the release of the first single from the newly released album 'Bloom'. The highly anticipated album is all about queer love. From start to finish Sivan explores his inner romance with mellow songs such as "The Good Side' and 'Animal' to the flashy anthems 'Plum' and title track 'Bloom'. While being unapologetically bold, 'Bloom' is breaking boundaries for LGBTQ+ singers everywhere.

Since 'Blue Neighborhood' its apparent that Troye has become more confident in expressing flamboyancy. Not that Sivan wasn't comfortable with his own skin at the time of 'Blue Neighborhood's' release, he just wasn't there yet on a personal level. Walking us through a gushy relationship, 'Bloom' doesn't shy away from taboo topics. In the title track 'Bloom' Sivan referred to it (in a now deleted tweet) as - "Bops bout bottoming". In his 'Bloom' visual Sivan held nothing back with his relentless theatrical performance.

With its tongue in cheek style of innocence, "Bloom" doesn't take itself too seriously. Shifting the focus away from the premeditated idea that all LGBTQ+ stories have to have to be a tale of affliction, Sivan presents a tale as old as time that just so happens to be gay. In the ballad "Postcard" featuring Gordi, Sivan writes this about a personal experience with his boyfriend. While touring in Japan, Sivan wrote a letter that his boyfriend never collected. Overall 'Bloom' tells the innocent tale of a young man that is really just starting figuring himself out.

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