Why was ARTPOP so underrated? - Review

Let's take it back to 2013. The ARTPOP album was one of my favorite era's Lady Gaga has ever done. Behind all the hip techno beats, the album had a really heartbreaking story behind it. Of course, the album did have it's raunchy moments, but it was a no holds bar pure album. In an interview Lady Gaga did with SiriusXM, she expressed the meaning behind each song in the ARTPOP album. Starting with the song 'Aura'. She is setting the record straight with the first track. She states just because she wears a bunch of costumes and acts abnormally on stage at times, does not mean there isn't a human being underneath. Hence "Do you want to see the girl behind the Aura?". The "veils" are there to protect her from the thing she loves most which is her creativity. Her Aura is technically the way she deals with the persona that is Lady Gaga. Next we have Venus. This song gives "Out of this world" a whole new meaning.  She states it's mostly about "Finding faith in other places and the beyond." It's almost like this song is from the 70's but also meets the electronic music of today. Next we have 'Sexxx Dreams'. Obviously this song is about sex, but it's also about communication. She talks to people in real life, but in her dreams is when she gets real controversial. In the end of the song everything comes together, "Tomorrow when I run into you." Meaning she knows exactly who she is dreaming about, and who knows maybe the person does too.

Up next is 'Do What U Want'. Basically it's about her relationship with the media. She is tired of trying to be a "nice girl" around the press. So she tells them to 'Do What U Want'. However, that's not the only meaning this song has. Obviously it's also about sexual liberation.  She's hit a point in her youth that she is ready to explore her fantasies. Not to be too prude, but she is a grown woman and deserves to explore what's out there. Next is my favourite song off the album, the title track 'ARTPOP'. This song she didn't want to mess with a lot. She wanted to let the music speak for itself. We can put art up front and not let corporate companies control everything. Basically it's a message to her fans with a really sick beat stating, "If we can belong together, maybe art and pop can belong too." Believe it or not this next song is the most personal song on the album. 'Swine' is about all of her struggles leading up to this point. I won't point out the exact struggles Gaga had to reach this level of fame, but i'm sure if you google it it will change your view on the music industry. HINT: LISTEN TO 'TILL IT HAPPENS TO YOU'.  Finally the last track on the album 'Applause', she needed her fans to get through certain performances. She needs the 'Applause' aka her fans to go on, with disguises the pain in her life and makes her truly happy.  This was meant to end the album on a happy note. Overall I feel this album is truly underrated. If it would've come out instead of the instant classic that was Joanne, it would have received the same success. What keeps drawing me back to the album repeatedly, is the sick beats. The production that went into this album is incredible. In case you didn't know, world superstar DJ Zedd worked on almost half the album. This album is truly a work of art.

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