Years & Years new video 'If You're Over Me' is a dystopian fantasy

Following their first single off their new album 'Palo Santo', the pop-trio Years & Years have released a new track that is a continuation of the story following 'Sanctify'. The world is set in a dystopian future where androids have taken over the world and humans have become the submissive race. "The human cabarets of Palo Santo are attended by androids, all hoping to experience real emotion,” the video says in the beginning. “Human performers can find themselves dancing the same routines for weeks … months … years …"  Music video theme aside, this song is really about marking the end of a relationship. Seeing the signs but not wanting to face the reality of it all.

"One minute you say we're a team. Then you're telling me you can't breathe. Well you should set me free. Baby, if you're over me" 

The lyrics follows what seems to be one partner's discussion with the other their ex. Trying to stay friends with an ex-lover is tricky, sometimes impossible. Instead of trying to make things work knowing it'll only bring pain, we find it better to end things once and for all. This is what the song expresses lyrically. Visually it's a fun song with a huge dance number.

In an interview with NME Olly Alexander (Frontrunner of the band) said this “This is a song about trying to stay friends with an ex. Spoiler alert -- it doesn’t often work. In fact, in my experience, the relationship often ends up ruined.” 

Years & Years new album 'Palo Santo' comes out on July 6, 2018. 

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